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I’ve been under weather for several days and my voice sounds like a broken harmonica. But I’m now well enough to undertake a few bloggerly thingees.


First, before I forget, I want to plug a course by Mike Beach (who happens to be one of my secret weapons in turning crazy ideas into real products). Mike’s a fine and insightful engineer and a gifted teacher. Course: ieeeboston . If you do happen to be an engineer and in the area, don’t miss a chance to add to your practical knowledge.


HEADACHES & STORMS: When there’s a front moving in, I get a headache. The next day, Sue gets hers. I’ve Googled this many times. My conclusion? I’m alone in the universe. Nobody else gets headaches from storm systems. BUT a new study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center says we’re not (that) crazy. Temperature and barometric pressure are the triggers. Good job, Ken Mukamal. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/03/090309161951.htm

SCIENCE: I write about the fruits of science – discoveries, products, methods, general knowledge. But what is “The big S?” – science, itself? I ask because, in spite of the general stuffiness that surrounds it, I believe that there’s something great there. I think Science is us at our best. Do you agree? I would appreciate it if you would tell me what you think Science is, exactly. Just leave it as a comment here. I will be glad to give my own opinion, but you go first, OK? Rant’s are OK too. Maybe you’ll win the big prize. :)

SEPSIS: We just heard that the daughter of one of our great friends developed (and, thankfully, recovered from) sepsis a couple of weeks ago. Sepsis is a medical emergency that gets out of control and kills. This ain’t Pepsi spelled backwards; don’t let anyone tell you it is. It’s a very dangerous disease. Hundreds of thousands die. A group at the University of Rochester Medical Center has found a way to modify the rush of white blood cells which is at the heart of it. Not a cure but it does improve the odds. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090224154902.htm

THE MARS BRATS, Rover and Opportunity, recently returned from an unchaperoned spring break somewhere near the Mars equator where they and the other robotic hotties danced and got plenty of rays (Gamma – but who’s countin’) . They’re back on the job now exploring and NASA enegineers are more stunned than ever that these rover/robots which are now 43,000 years old in dog years are still producing real science. As real, anyway, as some of the government bureaucrats back at headquarters. Spirit’s still in the vicinity of “Home Plate” and things are going slow because there’s loose sand there and she had to take a roundabout route. Still a little hung from Break, I gather. I’m not sure all her wheels are turning in the same direction.

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  1. Anonymous

    Scince = Voice of Satan . Stemm cells, abortion, evoltion. Read scriptures.

  2. Alan

    My friend, relax; Satan only exists your our imaginations.

    You know, we humans learn in three gross ways: we learn by thinking, by considering a subject and its ramifications – but that’s less than 1% of my learning… we learn through mistakes – the majority of my, if not all of mankind’s learning… and we learn through mimicry – which is why television is truly dangerous.

    Note that I said “dangerous” and not “evil”. It’s dangerous if we let the often violent television images we see, become our actions. It’s the same with our imaginations; if we let our own imaginations become reality, it really doesn’t bode well.

    Remember Jim Jones?

    What a bad mistake they all made…

    ‘Regards, Alan

  3. Anonymous

    I think science is two things. First, it’s the investigation of things we observe, to put together an explanation and rules. The goal is that the rules can explain and predict what we observe. Second, it’s trying new things out to see what will happen; but then it goes back to the explanation and rules: do the rules support what was seen, or do the rules need to be changed?

  4. Anonymous

    It’s all leading up to something, something that can only be redeemed with fire.

  5. cowango

    Science is part of our everyday lives, the "rules" that cause stuff to happen, and that 99.9% of people don't think about or have a clue about.

    As to headaches. You're not alone with the weather effect headaches. My dad suffered all his life from just what you describe.

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