Taking A Moment To Explain What I MEAN By Science

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It’s lovely.

To some people science is a good thing. Progress. A comfortable future. Cell phones, Twitter. New exciting work. To others science is incomprehensible giberish which makes people feel ignorant and helpless. And to others still (a very important group) scientists are helping secular society to undermine the traditions and beliefs that are and have been the psychological support for their families and their communities.

The stuff of science may seem dry but science – the thing itself – is drenched in emotion-juice.

Threatening and upsetting to some, it’s the hope of the future to others. I don’t think I can make the juice taste sweeter for those who don’t like the taste but I CAN offer my own understanding and excitement about the scientific enterprise, trying to remember, however, that maybe I’M the one who’s wired wrong. (By the way, I’m over my cold. Thanks for asking. If you did.)

Science is the way that the inhabitants of a whole planet have developed to cross-check each others’ discoveries and make sure they’re right.

A whole planet.

We don’t agree on politics, religion, culture, or much else but we agree that there’s a correct WAY to keep each other honest about our observations of “natural phenomena”. We argue about the results. We’re ‘sposed to do that. It’s part of the process. But we agree on what the process (ideally) should be. The method used is called “the scientific method”.

How it works:
1. You observe something.
2. You figure out what’s going on (it’s called a hypothesis)
3. Based on this, you predict something else that you haven’t seen yet
4. You find out if your prediction was right
5. After you check yourself to make sure you haven’t screwed up, you submit it to a scientific journal where professionals review your work and publish it (you hope)
6. Other skilled people read about what you’ve done and see if they can accomplish the same thing. If they can, you’re golden. If they can’t, you got some explaining to do.

Doesn’t sound like much. But it changed the world. And it’s our purest example of international cooperation.

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  1. Anonymous

    Science is good thing. But is evolution science? Where’s the proof?

  2. Everything dynamic and very positively! :)

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