Healthcare My Butt!

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My wife and I have been trying to figure out what’s what with medical costs.

Haven’t you?

Why is it that costs in this country are so dramatically much higher than elsewhere?

Is it simple “greed” or incompetence?A target for frustration is always so nice.

Dr. Hannah Wunsch, of Columbia led a study that took a good look at how much time we Americans spend expiring in the most expensive part of the hospital.

Or just being old.

WHAT a surprise! We spend lots more time vegetating in the ICU than our English counterparts. She (and her colleagues) leave open the question of whether this difference is due to humane and sound decisions (a good thing) or rationing (a bad thing?).

Science Ain’t So Bad thinks this is a good study and hopes it will help to guide policy discussions in our country. But the authors were too timid and should have said that it isn’t health care that’s being rationed when you’re beyond help. It’s something else.

And that something else can be found at home.


And better.

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