Diabetes: Lenses To Measure Blood Sugar?

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Medicine: Color changing lenses for diabetes.

Back to diabetes.

The primary way that diabetics check their blood sugar level (other than passing out, of course) is by analyzing a little blood. They say you get good at it.

So this new thingee from Jin Zhang at the University of Ontario should be very welcome, right? Contact lenses that change color, depending on your sugar level.

Elegant, easy, and convenient.

Have you ever TRIED to poke a lens into your eye? It isn’t the most natural thing in the world. My optometrist claims it’s cause I’m the wrong sex. Women, supposedly, have a contact lens gene. Or, anyway, are more used to screwing around with their eyes.

But for those who find lenses convenient or who already DO wear them, this may be a very appealing idea.

It’s not like I’m running out of 10’s or anything.

ScienceAintsoBadRating = 10

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