Haiti Earthquake: Still No Rescue System?

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The Golden Hours

Earthquake Safety: Sonic Beacon.

In this world of hard lives, it’s difficult to find a people with worse luck than the good people of Haiti.

When they aren’t starving or dying of disease or suffering from a natural disaster, they’re bracing for the next one. At this moment, they – those who have survived – are wandering, dazed, around collapsed buildings from a terrible earthquake.

This is hard for MISTER ScienceAintSoBad.

My team’s “Sonic Rescue Beacon” is still stuck in the patent office. Not complaining, mind you. The patent examiners appear to be hardworking and serious minded. Just trying to do the right thing. But MAN is it frustrating!

Our system (far as we know) is the only one that’s focussed on the “golden hours” – the period just after the collapse and BEFORE all those fabulously trained and supplied rescuers show up with search dogs and special equipment.

Our Sonic Rescue Beacon would be there for the ordinary people who come running with a shovel or a pickaxe to dig people out of the rubble. It guides them to those who need the help and spares them the wasted effort of digging where there’s less chance of finding anyone.

And those golden hours that I mentioned? They are SO important. Because almost EVERYONE who really makes it out, makes it out in the first 24 hours.

If you are interested, the details are under the New Inventions heading on this blog.

I hope this article didn’t seem too self serving. But, after all, how objective can MISTER ScienceAintSoBad be when it comes to his own inventions?

ScienceAintSoBadRating = … Oh What’s the use!

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  1. i have several relatives who were also vicitimized by the earthquake in Haiti. thank God that they were not seriously hurt. i hope and pray that Haiti would be able to recover soon from this disaster.

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