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Dentistry: Plasma Drill.

What’s your favorite thing? I’m including food, music, sex, and American Idol in this.

Going to the dentist, you say.

Hardly surprising. Everybody we ask says the same thing. BUT, let’s say – I know this is crazy – you are one of those very rare people who CAN get through the week without feeling the urge to have the “just a little pinch” experience.

You will be VERY interested to hear about the Plasma Jet (Journal of Medical Biology) which is designed to substitute plasma for the dental drill.

Plasma isn’t a solid a liquid OR a gas (which, I think, is why they call it a plasma) and it has some interesting properties. Skipping lightly over the physics (why make a fool of myself?), the major point here is that this stuff kills the bacteria that destroy the tooth enamel and the dentin, thus halting the decay process without a drill burr in sight. Completely painless!

Dr Stefan Rupf, the lead researcher, says 3 to 5 years till it shows up at your dentist.


ScienceAintSoBadRating = 10.

Keep smiling.

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  1. Alan

    Plasma!? 8-| And I was just learning to cope with fluoride, mercury amalgam, cell phones, and leaky microwaves…

  2. QJ: “The thing about the UFC is…..Xyience has a lock-down on the sponsors. If that’s t rue than that’s going to keep me from even going to the UFC”

  3. Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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