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Dear MISTER ScienceAintSoBad: My ears hurt. And they’re all clogged up. I’m 8 and a half years old. – Maggie


Over here at ScienceAintSoBad, we try to cheer you up. After all, it’s a mess out there where you people live.

I think it’s called the world.

Bad things happen every day. Who’s GONNA cheer you up if I don’t?

But, to be honest? Sometimes it’s tough. Even for MISTER SASB. I get letters from people, saying they need help now. I find “interesting” studies that bode well for the (distant) future.

Science advances. Patients? Not always.

I feel bad cause I love people and I wanna help. Also, I love science, in all its complexity, but I gotta admit that progress is slow. Someday there’ll be a cure for each nasty disease. I hope we’ll be able to afford it


Back to Maggie.

Ear infection? Blocked Eustachian tubes? Oh my GOD! I’ve GOT something for you! I’ve actually GOT something!

Daniel Arick (New York Eye and Ear Infirmay) helped to develop a sensationally simple device which seems to work. He and Shlomo Silman patented an Apparatus for equalizing the pressure in the middle ear. They call it the “Ear Popper” (I told you I like this, right?)

You stick it in your nostril and let it release a puff of air which you swallow.

Simple, no drugs,  cheap (relatively), and very effective (about 85%).

COOLER than cool!

So. How do we rate this thing?

It’s simple but clever and it is obviously effective. Gotta give this a ScienceAintSoBadRating = 10

With a footnote.

From a strictly scientific standpoint, the data could be stronger. The long term outlook isn’t established. But, in this case, simplicity rules.

MAN, I wish I had invented this thing!

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    I was delighted to read your post about the EarPopper. I had 3 years of positive personal experience with the EarPopper before representing the device professionally. It does really work to open the Eustachian tube and relieve symptoms of negative pressure in the middle ear: plugged ears, ear pain, hearing loss.

    Maggie- I understand how annoying and painful plugged ears can feel! The EarPopper naturally opens a little tube in the ear that relieves pressure and allows fluid to drain from the middle ear. (fluid and pressure “clog” the ear and cause pain on the eardrum.

    The EarPopper device works for children and adults for ear issues associated with flying, scuba diving, colds, and allergies. My son was only 3 years old when he started using the EarPopper on airplane flights.

    I’m happy to provide additional information about the device or how to obtain an EarPopper.Visit my new blog at or our website!

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