Looked At A Whale

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Science doesn’t always HAVE to be rigorous. Casual observation is part of the deal . You have a chance to watch? You watch. You think Darwin knew he was coming up with evolution when he was chasing birds?

In September, Tom Greene, Dave Arnoth, and Robert Hoffman  (Robert Hoffman being Mister ScienceAintSoBad’s first cousin) took these photos of a blue whale about 3 miles offshore near Redondo Beach, CA. They were sailing an F-27 Corsair trimaran, named SEA WING (Fairwind Yacht Club, Marina del Rey).

There are  8,000 to 14,000  blue whales .  They’re big guys (the whales). The largest animals on earth.



Credits: Thanks to Tom Greene for the great shotsThey were taken using a Canon EOS 30D with 300 mm lens.   Tom, incidentally, retired from the Coast Guard and is a graduate of the Coast Guard Academy.

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