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Mr. and Mrs. ScienceAintSoBad are off on a trip to see relatives but, first, a short article.

I’ll try to make it good.


Dr. Phil Rice (University of London) looked at the results of 25 studies from different parts of the world about chickenpox. Do some regions have more chickenpox than other, he wondered?  And, if so, does it depend on humidity? Does it depend on temperature?

The amount of chickens?

Nothing,nothing and nothing.

Could it have something to do with the amount of sunlight?

Bingo! The more sunlight there is, the less chickenpox.

This isn’t news to people who are experts in this field. They figured this might be true. After all, UV light is used to sterilize stuff, right? But this is actual evidence. Science is an evidence game. Now it’s okay to say that chickenpox doesn’t like sunlight. And people who live where it’s sunny may escape the disease and its zitzs.


So Dr. Rice didn’t exactly fall all over himself being specific but he does say there must be some way that this could lead to new methods for reducing the spread of chickenpox.

I hear the motor running. I’ll see you next time.


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  1. zoey

    so does this mean there is also less incidence of shingles where there is more sunlight? variations on the same disease?
    so people over 60, who are at greatest risk for shingles, but who might retire to florida would be less apt to get it than their northern counterparts? just a thought….

  2. MISTER Science Ain't So Bad

    Indeed. Less shingles too. And escaping to Florida does, as you suggest, mean you’ll probably be eaten by a large reptile before you get shingles. :)

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