Cancer: A Mere Nuisance

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What if doctors could always find cancer before it starts to spread? When they could still remove it and send you home?  No chemo. No radiation. See ya.

Here’s a blood test for cancer that gives a warning early enough to avoid big trouble. The test tells what type of cancer and may give inferential information about where it is located. Devin Koestler, Margaret Karagas and Jason Moore  (Geisel School of Medicine) did the work. Their test could spare you a biopsy as well as save you from metastatic cancer.



It’s only a test. You still have to get rid of the tumor, okay? And, yes, you still have to pay the bill.  But, if this preliminary research does pan out,  the term cancer won’t have the same punch. Most cancers would be nipped in the bud and wouldn’t be such a durn big deal. Worse than a hair cut. But much much better than looking up through the dew covered sod.

ScienceAintSoBad Rating = 5. The science seems okay  but hold on to your war hoops. Preliminary.




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