Penis Science Takes A Giant Step

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Penis science take giant step



You can live a perfectly fine life without a penis.

Unless you happen to be male.

It’s hard to exaggerate how important this multipurpose organ is for a guy. If you’re not up on how they feel about the thing, I suggest you start Googling. Or you could try asking someone without a technical background.

A guy’s genitals can be injured or destroyed by accident or disease. Some are defective from birth. To some guys, a penis can be a real disappointment even though there’s nothing much wrong with it really. And a penis, being a penis, the whole problem is further muddled by the embarrassment and the psychological stuff associated with it.

It isn’t fair, is it? Why should you feel less a man than that idiot next door?

The answer is that you shouldn’t. There are things that can be done although the options, so far, have been less than ideal.

Drugs such as Viagra have been a great help in restoring lost sexual function. But what if the organ is damaged or missing?

Surgeons can give you a finger, a hand, even a face. But sex organs are a challenge. Male organs have  to expand when things get interesting (female organs too) and they have to send the right sensations back to your brain so you can share in the moment. Until now, doctors didn’t know how to make that happen naturally. They couldn’t create erectile tissue. And connecting the nerves can be hit or miss.


Dr. Anthony Atala of The  Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Wake Forest) says he now  can make erectile tissue (Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences). He did this research using rabbits – a great choice  for this kind of work. Willing, able, and not very hard biters, rabbit reproductive biology is enough like ours to make a good model. Dr. Atala says he is encouraged by his results  and thinks that, after sufficient human testing,  it should be possible, for the first time, to grow custom made erectile tissue for humans.



Penises can be created surgically from transplanted body parts. One impetus for this has been transgender patients who want to become fully functional guys as much as possible. The surgery is tough for both the patient and the surgeon.There are several operations and lots of potential for complications.

The results are good enough for many. I’m not knocking it. But it’s not what the idiot next door has, okay?

Dr. Atala’s work may help in the creation of a more fully functional penis. This would help guys with a medical problem and women who want gender reassignment surgery.

That’s not all.

The penis isn’t necessarily on the table when scientific topics are discussed. This is definitely a first for this blog. But that doesn’t mean this area of research is a scientific backwater. There’s lots  going on.

For those males who need (or believe they need) more extension, there is, at long last, a safe and effective way.


Italian researchers have refined a method (not entirely comfortable, I would say) of adding about a third to the reach. The “highly motivated” subjects reported a very high satisfaction.  And, speak of the devil, work from Johns Hopkins shows very exciting progress (mice only, so far) for relieving that not-so-funny problem of “getting stuck” in an erection (priaprism).

Sex organs are as deserving as any other area of scientific research. And MISTER ScienceAintSoBad thanks the talented men and women who are willing to work for human progress in a field that’s hard to explain to their grandparents.


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