More People Shoot Selves In Foot

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Funny cartoon about nail gun injuries



Used to be, you learned to drive a sixteen penny nail with three good strokes. Two if you were macho. Now? You pull the trigger and wham!

It makes a big difference. You can throw together a house in half the time and the carpenters you hire can be smarter instead of just musclebound.

But here’s the thing. Those babies are dangerous! They come with safety stuff but, you know what? The first thing any good carpenter figures out is how to defeat that useless crap. Who needs safety stuff if you really know what yer doing, right?

So here’s the thing. Nail gun injuries? Through the rafters. They’re rising faster than boxes made of ticky tacky.

Yeah yeah. You don’t get the reference. You weren’t born yet.

Anyway,  Dr James Ling, Dr Natalie Ong, and Dr John North (Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia) did a study that appeared in Emergency Medicine Australasia. Nail gun injuries have been rising fast which makes sense since more of them are in use, right? Most of the injuries were to the extremities – arms and legs, hands, and feet. Luckily, once they get to the hospital, most of these injuries can be handled pretty well but they do result in lost work days and lost productivity. And here’s the other thing. You just don’t want  to be driving a nail through your toe. It really stings!

Please, my friend. Enjoy the benefits of this great technology. But be careful. And put the safety stuff back. There’s a reason it was put on there in the first place.

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Cartoon (it’s funny, right?) is by me


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