Jersey Shore To Get Clobbered!

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cartoon about flooding



You’re not going to like this. Not if you live in New Jersey.

Scientists from Tufts and Rutgers say sea levels are headed higher at maybe 1/2 an inch a year. 18 inches higher higher by 2050 and 40 inches by 2100.

By that time, you’ll be old even if you’re just a little kid now.

And I will be world famous.

160  years old and still blogging. People will want autographed pictures of me at my old, cracked PC.

I  hope I wont find myself writing about the misery in Atlantic City. Ken Miller, Robert Kopp, Benjamin Horton and James Browning of Rutgers and Andrew Kemp of Tufts did the work which appears in the journal Earth’s Future. It’s partly based on the recently constructed 25,000 year record of sea levels in the mid-Atlantic.  The projected rise is only partly due to rising temperatures. There’s other stuff too. Anyway, they’re not even confident in these horrendous numbers. It could turn out even worse. Maybe 28 inches by 2050. And – you know what? – they better be wrong because I like the Jersey coast.

Here’s the thing.

Mister ScienceAintSoBad is leery of being a “climate denier”. Nobody likes a climate denier. I have great respect for the researchers behind this report.

But MISTER ScienceAintSoBad is an optimist. No matter how bad the news, some part of me looks for a way out. Smart as they are, maybe they missed something. Maybe society will dare to intervene in a reckless, massive way and, somehow, get away with it. Maybe there actually is a benevolent being out there who will bail us, literally, out at the last moment.

What do I know?

In the meantime, will I be buying oceanfront property in New Jersey?

I won’t. But please don’t let my individual choice undermine property values. I never planned to in the first place.

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I drew that.


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