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My Blog’s 100th Anniversary & A Plug-in Domestic

Posted by on Thursday, 8 April, 2010



A hundred posts ago, in the first article on this blog, I said: Science has gotten beaten up in the past few years. It’s not just that it’s been starved for funds; there’s the feeling that it’s a crappy pursuit – opaque, dangerous, and inconsistent with the things that real people care about. I hope, with this blog, I can strike a small blow for the idea that science, though it most certainly CAN be complicated, is really a warm and lovely wind blowing us toward our destiny.

(My GOD I love my own writing!)

That was January, 2009. The Dow was crashing and The Nasdaq was evaporating. We were gonna have The Great(er) Depression.

George W Bush had just handed over the garage door opener and he was he glad to be rid of it. Couldn’t BELIEVE they found someone to take the job.

Since then, I’ve written articles about diseases and cures, earthquakes, animal behavior, pirates, inventions, astronomy, cosmology, robots, the search for intelligent non-earthians, alternative energy, headaches, backaches, runaway Toyotas and plenty more. Drew pictures too!

100 articles.

Not the bloody Wikipedia. But nobody gets paid here.

So 100 articles – that’s a lot.

Maybe you remember the  scary robots from Boston Dynamics.  I was trying to say  that robotics is quietly getting good. In the meantime, Jeremy Maitin – Shepherd (University of California, Berkeley) and team’s getting its towels folded.