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How To Find (Nasty) Invisible Mines

Posted by on Thursday, 31 December, 2009


Engineering: Mine Detection.

I wasn’t sure about bothering you with this.

Pardo Seco, Paula Lopez, and others, (who work for several different European institutions) did something tough. They made a device to find nonmetallic land mines using temperature differences.

Nonmetallic (plastic) land mines remain behind after the soldiers go home and the world loses interest. They are virtually undetectable by the usual methods so how DO you find them? Running a tricycle over the spots where they’re buried works pretty well.

Algorithms into code. Code into hardware. Hardware into useful instruments. It’s the way things are ‘sposed to happen.

This IS wonderful. SO many children may not be maimed if this, ultimately, leads to a practical instrument.

But should I have bothered you with it? Am I doing the right thing to disturb you on a winter night with this? Is it a fundamental breakthrough in science? A new principle of engineering? A great new tech toy?

This is SO Third World.

But I just thought, maybe, you would care about it.

I do.

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