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Posted by on Friday, 6 September, 2013
A wig













Samsung’s recent announcement of a “smart”  watch seems to have kicked off a flurry of announcements,  pre-announcements, rumors,  and speculation about “wearables” in the technology space. The most startling rumor –  a leak,  actually –  is from the “it all started here” company we call Apple.

According to a high official (name withheld, of course), at some time in the last quarter of this year,  Apple will be releasing a smart hairpiece called IPiece.

I don’t blame you if you think this is a joke. That was my first thought. But as my source kept talking,  I found myself agreeing that it not only made sense,  it was the coolest thing I’ve heard of since the the original iPhone.

The wig (custom matched to a bit of your hair) contains all the tech of a modern smartphone plus a little bit more. Perfectly concealed in a high quality hairpiece,  technology fades into the background. The need for conspicuous glances at your phone disappears. All communication is wig-centric and unobservable by others.Audio is cleverly handled by bone conduction based on aviva’s micro cranial transduction system. And images are displayed by a revolutionary  network of very fine optical fibers woven into the forward section of the head covering. One beta tester described the sensation as surreal. She said sounds and pictures seemed to emerge from within her head.

Input, as you might imagine, called for a radical rethink of everything that came before. Voice uses the WiGig input sensor –  essentially a repurposed system of noise  cancelling microphones. Ancillary input is based on mapping portions of the scalp onto a virtual keyboard ; with about an hour of training almost anyone can type efficiently by tapping. I was surprised to see how easily “scalp tapping”  can pass as mere “fiddling with ones hair”.

The camera, a 38 megapixel beast, by the way, is completely concealed and rises on a small stalk when needed.

Google’s Glass and Samsung’s Gear never seemed entirely convincing to most of us out here in reality land, but Apple may finally be able to prove to its distractors that its best days are ahead of it.

Look for an announcement.





App Phones NEED Physical Keyboards

Posted by on Saturday, 7 November, 2009


Verizon’s new Droid app phone

First of all, thanks for dropping by at the new place.

I appreciate Google’s free and easy blogger but, comes a time when it’s nice to drop the “blogspot” moniker.

More control over how things look this way too.

WirelessTech: App Phones

App phones (“smartphones”, like the IPhone and the new Droid, which have access to an open marketplace of applications) are taking us somewhere.

I’m trying to figure out where.

An article in PC World which describes 10 nice apps for the  Droid  is instructive.

According to the article, you can capture the cards you carry around in your wallet with your Droid and then you get to leave them home. The Droid’ll be glad to display their readable bar codes at the food store and the library and the gas station. Where they can be scanned by the clerk.

Another of the “apps” lets the phone configure its features when you walk into your office. Or return to your  home. Why not? It knows its location.

And, of course, turn-by-turn GPS software. For free.

You’re not catching on yet? This is ANOTHER earthquake. Just when you think you can’t endure another one.

How? And how much?

That’s another article. This one’s on a topic  that I’ve managed to wander away from – keyboards

Verizon’s introduction of the Droid stirred up a lotta word dust. What’ll this mean for the IPhone? Are traditional “dumb” phones out? Is Motorola undead?

All that stuff.

And there have been numerous reviews of the new guy including some disappointment about its keyboard. Some feel a virtual (on screen) keyboard would have been better. Others like the idea of a “real” keyboard.

This is where I saw my opening; I am now pouncing.

This may seem a little too narrow and techie to you. And if so, I apologize. I know I usually keep an eye out for  possible solutions to the ravages of arthritis or for indications of a new and likely mass extinction but I don’t HAVE another soapbox for my rants and I can’t STAND the fact that nobody in the world but MisterScienceAin’tSoBad seems to have noticed the fact that WHEN YOU HAVE A VIRTUAL KEYBOARD ON A PHONE, YOU USE UP MOST OF THE SCREEN AREA FOR THE KEYBOARD.

I feel better.

And this is why I do appreciate the achievement of Motorola here. At the cost of a very small increase in size and weight, the Droid has managed to preserve the screen area for useful stuff. And, having tried it out, yesterday, I was surprised to see how well the compromises were managed. Not such a bad little keyboard at that.

My hands are small.

Anyway. That’s that. I’ll get back to more traditional (for me) articles now.

Oh. ScienceAintSoBadRating = 5 (I get to rate myself). Not the most gripping article in the world, but, being the Blogger-In-Chief, I do cut myself considerable slack.