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Posted by on Monday, 14 October, 2013


A cute cartoon about fuzzbals


We shouldn’t be here.

 For the universe to have life in it,  the force that holds particles together, the charge on the electron and  the  mass of the proton have to be just so. If not, there would be no life – just some zany physics experiment.There are an awful lot of physical “properties”  that scientists say have to be close to perfection to wind up with life.

What is behind this curious coincidence?


My cousin Eric says it was a creator  – a creator who set things up so that, after a few billion years (assuming everything goes just right), there would  be all kinds of living things – worms and crabs and monkeys and stuff.

It’s possible, right?

But why not just  “POOF! You’re a world and “POOF! Here’s a firmament to go with it”?  A firmament, in this case,  is  a ceiling full of lights as described in Genesis and it seems like the most straightforward way to make a good looking  sky.

I’m not saying you couldn’t tune the thing up and let ‘er  rip  but that’s pretty indirect.


An alternative explanation for why there’s life is parallel universes.

Maybe our universe got this way while a ton of other tries didn’t work out. Maybe  there are an infinite number of universes,  each with its own set of physical laws. Some have only negative gravity.  Some have a very, very weak “strong” force. Lots of them are too weird to describe. If  each one represents a different roll of the dice,  doesn’t that explain  why eventually things might come out this way?

 Well it might.

Except we don’t know if there are other universes. So that’s a stupid argument. right?


And it’s too complicated. Who needs all those attempts? What’s the difference what the odds are? A zillion trillion to one?  So what? Those critical  physical properties had to have some values,  right? If they had turned out different and had  allowed for only  anti-matter tomatoes,  would  tomatoes  be standing around in wonder at the strange coincidence of a world tuned for anti-matter tomatoes?

The universe we know may be just one of a large  number of possible outcomes. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep trying and trying until things look the way they do. This could have been the first roll of dice. Our universe  only seems like  someone arranged it this way if you think life has some sort of  importance to the cosmos and matters more than some other thing.

Actually? It doesn’t.


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Drawing is by me