What Is It WIth Chimps And Faces?

This entry was posted by Thursday, 19 February, 2009
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You may have read that a very, very civilized chimpanzee named Travis, “lost it” this week and attacked Carla Nash in Havilah, California. There are very extenuating circumstances in Travis’ case – sick and, probably on an inappropriate mood altering drug – but that’s not exactly the point. Like Mo, another very loved chimp who attacked St. James Davis in 2005 (remember that one?), Travis went for the face, causing damage too nasty to describe since I don’t want to upset my readers.

Nobody is arguing that chimps aren’t smart and sympathetic creatures. And nobody is arguing that humans are so safe to hang around either. But, clearly, when chimps get pissed, they get PISSED!

In both attacks, experts seemed nonplussed but I’ve got a hunch that other experts nodded wisely and said – “Yup. Chimps and faces. I know what THAT’S about.” If I have a chance, I’ll look into it and report back. I’m sure you want to know.

In the meantime, my heartfelt condolences to Ms Nash who is in very critical condition and to her family.

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