Politics: SO Rigorous. SO Logical.

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Test: How is political debate different from science?

I will pick up your papers at the end of the class. I don’t want you looking at anyone else’s answers.

3 Responses to “Politics: SO Rigorous. SO Logical.”

  1. Debate, political or otherwise, has not been science since the scientific method supplanted the Socratic Method. If one can develop — through observation — and test — actually try to disprove — a hypothesis, and one relies instead on debate, then truth relies on the skill of the debater and not the quality of the research.

    Now here is the question: How do so many adults get through high school, indeed 7th grade, and run for public office without a fundamental understanding of: what is a “Theory,” what is a “Hypothesis,” and what is “an experiment.”

    Back in the day, even the bookish kids who were flummoxed by Chem. 101 had to get some understanding of the scientific method from reading Sinclair Lewis’s Arrowsmith.

  2. You’re not saying debate has no role in science, are you?

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