Gulf Spill: Ideas Bubble To The Surface

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My sweet wife can’t look at the photos of gooey pelicans. “I’d like to grab the guys behind this and stuff THEIR heads in a barrel of oil”.

My sweet wife.

PLEASE don’t hate MISTERScienceAintSoBad for saying this, but there’s good.

You’re NUTS, Mister SASB. Name one good thing.


It’s a GOOD thing that SO many creative people’re chiming in to with ideas. It’s inspiring.

People care.

And they want to help.

When we’re not screwing up the environment, we can be awfully smart and good hearted hominids.

As you know, several “official” solutions were tried and tossed before the “top hat” version which seems to be doing an OK job with the oil flow till that well can be properly euthanasized (probably with a “bottom kill”  of heavy fluids followed by cement pumped into the lower portion of the casing).

However it’s the ideas from “out there” that’re flowing faster than the black mucky stuff.

Maybe you heard about Kevin Costner’s Ocean Therapy machines ? Large centrifuges that can separate oil and water in the quantities required for a spill like this? And John Hofmeister (used to run Shell Oil Company) has been all over the place with a plan to suck the oil into supertankers.

A professor of engineering from the University of Pittsburgh came up with a reusable cotton filter that gets coated with an oil blocking polymer. Works great. There’s even a video. Di Gao says that large filters made of this material could be dragged through the Gulf, capturing the surface oil.

The many other proposals include some for WAY cool explosives to seal the thing, including some VERY exciting ones to use nukes. Ya want science, ya gotta be willing to experiment a little, right?

MISTERScienceAintSoBad still thinks there’s hope for our clumsy human race. We’ll get through this disaster, somehow.

You’ll see.

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