New Inventions

On this page, we will describe new inventions that deserve your attention. Unless I’m one of the inventors in which case I will ASSUME they deserve your attention.

I (my team included, of course) currently have two active inventions.

LectricLifter (TM) . Current status: patent has issued and we’re preparing to manufacture it. Shouldn’t be long.

Description: LectricLifter (c) (US patent numb 7517221) “lifts” the electric outlet to a safe and convenient location. You plug it into the wall, pressing the self-stick tape into position, and there it stays. Its advantages: easy on the back and, more important (some would say), it covers the outlet below and it has a way (cable ties) to tie up the plugged in cords so they don’t sag. If you’re trying to protect a new pet or a baby, you may find this interesting.


Sonic Beacon.  Current Status: patent issued

Our Sonic Beacon is a device that gets attached to a ceiling.

If it senses that the building it is in has collapsed (obviously, a disaster) it starts jabbering away, asking people to respond by, for example, saying “help needed”. In an emergency where people are trapped, it goes into “beacon” mode, sending out easily heard sounds which lead rescuers to the location where people are trapped.

We chose sound, by the way, because rubble often has a lot of steel in it and can block radio waves.

The system continues to alert rescuers even when the victims become too weak to respond.

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