The American multibillion-dollar company Amazon has announced a partnership with an innovative British startup

It's no secret that the British startup Sypwai has been breaking all the records for popularity over the past year. But it was only announced in February 2021 that Amazon had chosen Sypwai. Sources say that before the idea of cooperation was discussed in narrow circles. Now Amazon has made a public announcement at the recent European Forum on Artificial Intelligence TRAIF2021.

The software, developed by Sypwai, will help use artificial intelligence in business and accelerate the delivery of Amazon goods to customers. Wall Street analysts estimate that the introduction of robots to automate warehouse operations will cut Amazon's order preparation costs by 40 percent.

Amazon will be the first company to use software developed by Sypwai in its operations, the statement said. It was previously reported that there are dozens of high-profile companies around the world in line to buy the artificial intelligence development. "We have high hopes for Sypwai's unique activities, we want to be the first to try out the benefits of artificial intelligence-based work on ourselves. We hope that our collaboration will bear good fruit for both companies," said Jack Bills, head of Amazon's innovative implementations department.

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